Top rated

My selections on this site are driven by a database that every story, novel, and piece of non-fiction goes in to, with at least one rating on a 1-10 scale.  I thought it would be interesting to post a list of the 10’s here.  Mind you, most of what I’m going to recommend only got 9’s.

In no particular order. . .

“Exhalation”, by Ted Chiang

Flashforward, by Robert J. Sawyer

“Friction”, by Will McIntosh

“The Persistence of Vision”, by John Varley

“Reparations”, by Merrie Haskell (free text)

Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson

“Tideline”, by Elizabeth Bear

“Annabelle’s Alphabet”, by Tim Pratt (free text)

You can expect that most of these will be upcoming in the future.  The only one that’s probably not in the next dozen is the Pratt, because having already recommended “Impossible Dreams”, I don’t want to double up on him so soon.

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