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“We Clever Jacks”, by Greg van Eekhout

October 4, 2016 Leave a comment

“We Clever Jacks” is a story about a Halloween rebellion, of a kind, from one class of unspoken victim of the holiday.

Non-Spoiler Summary

We pick them, we bring them home, we hollow them out, we give them faces… but nothing more.  They want more.  So much more.

Why should you read it?

“We Clever Jacks” is a sad and funny piece, about a page long, about the fate of jack-o’-lanterns, who don’t want to just be sitting on porches.  They want to rise up.

This is another story that’s so short, you may as well read it instead of reading me convincing you to read it.

Where to find “We Clever Jacks”

This story is available freely on van Eekhout’s website, Writing and Snacks. It is also available in audio form from Podcastle.

(I have been meaning to post this in October for at least two years, now.)

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