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“Six Months, Three Days”, by Charlie Jane Anders

“Six Months, Three Days” is a 2011 science fiction short story by Charlie Jane Anders.  It has been nominated for the Hugo for Best Novelette of 2012.

Non-Spoiler Summary

The man who can see the only possible future has a relationship with the woman who can see all the myriad possible futures.

Why should you read it?

Oh, man, just the high concept should be enough to make you run for this one. . . but the writing is also extraordinary.  The characters are both bent, shaped by their powers, entirely human both despite their specialness and because of it.  They have all the problems you expect that each of them would have, and that they would have as a couple.  The writing takes into account that sometimes they both already remember having a discussion, and they’re tired of it before it even happens.  I cried when Doug was enjoying his first intimacy with Judy. . . and at the same time mourning that now, one of the limited number of really special moments in  his life was past, instead of still to come.

Strongly recommended.  I don’t see anything in the field that would keep me from this being at least my second choice for the Hugo, and I’d be happy for it to be my first choice.  I think it deserves the award.

Where to find “Six Months, Three Days”

Tor.com has generously allowed us to read it online.

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