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“The Copenhagen Interpretation”, by Paul Cornell

“The Copenhagen Interpretation” is a 2011 science fiction short story by Paul Cornell.  It has been nominated for the Hugo for Best Short Story of 2012.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Hamilton, a spy in an alternate steampunky world, finds that a woman he loved once upon a time is back, after disappearing completely fifteen years before.

Why should you read it?

I’d really like to say that this story is flawless, but I actually have a problem with Cornell’s writing style.  For some reason, and this is likely just me, I constantly find myself going back to find what I missed in the previous paragraph, and finding that I didn’t miss anything–I just feel like I did.

However, the ideas.  Oh, the ideas.  He suggests, for example, what dark matter is made out of.  A connection I would never have made, that dropped my jaw.  Well worth the time.

This is the third story featuring Jonathan Hamilton, so if you enjoy this one, look for the other two.

Where to find “The Copenhagen Interpretation”

The story was originally published in Asimov’s in July 2011, and they have generously allowed us to read it online.

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