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“Dragon Dreams on Cardboard Wings And Tiny Scraps of Yellow”, by Christopher Kastensmidt

February 9, 2012 3 comments

“Dragon Dreams on Cardboard Wings And Tiny Scraps of Yellow” is a 2011 slipstream/fantasy short story by Christopher Kastensmidt. A tech wage-slave discovers that her cubicle prison isn’t the trap she thought it was.

Non-Spoiler Summary

“Dragon Dreams” is another one of those stories that short enough that I’m really unable to summarize it without spoiling it. Susan, a dispirited computer programmer, has a momentary revelation that shows her a way out of her dreary existence.

Why should you read it?

It’s short. It’s lovely. It brightened my day, and had a real poetic quality.

Where to find “Dragon Dreams on Cardboard Wings And Tiny Scraps of Yellow”

The story was originally published in Daily Science Fiction, where you can still read it online.

“Always”, by Karen Joy Fowler

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

“Always” is a 2007 science fiction short story by Karen Joy Fowler.  A woman details her time with a group of supposed immortals, following a charismatic leader.  It won the Nebula for Best Short Story in 2007.

Non-Spoiler Summary

Our viewpoint character, a young woman, moves to the city of Always with her boyfriend.  In Always, run by Brother Porter, everyone is immortal.  Supposedly.  The issue is left open, although there’s evidence that she is being deceived.  However, the effect of the city (cult) on people is very real.

Why should you read it?

“Always” handles the question of whether or not the immortality of the people of Always is real quite gently, and leads you to believe . . . that even if she’s not immortal, she’s been positively changed by the experience of living in Always.  The story follows her progression from basically infatuated with her boyfriend through an almost ethereal translation.

Where to find “Always”

The story was originally published in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, where you can still read it online.  There is also audio.