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“Standard Loneliness Package”, by Charles Yu

Right up front, I don’t think the science of this story will hold any water.  But it feels right, so I’m recommending it.

“Standard Loneliness Package” is the story of a man who works in an industry. . . The business of feeling other people’s pain.  He’s a wage slave, getting twelve dollars an hour to be at funerals, feel guilty for affairs, go to the dentist, or experence loss.  He lives in a world where you can sell your life, or buy someone else’s, and he realizes that he’s doing that, but just an hour at a time.

It moves on to being a love story.  But in a world where life and pain can be moved from person to person, what is love?  What does it mean to let someone into yourself?

Again, the science doesn’t hold up.  But the emotions are very right.

Text of “Standard Loneliness Package”


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