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“Reparations”, by Merrie Haskell

We bombed Hiroshima.  We bombed Nagasaki.  Seventy-five thousand people killed on the first day, and another hundred and fifty thousand dying over the next two years.

I’ve read the arguments.  I hear the assertion that more lives were saved by killing these people.  Part of me even believes it.  Sometimes.

But despite that, my country burned more people to death in atomic fire than I will meet in my entire lifetime.  And I can’t do anything about it.

But what if you could?  What if you could go back and help the survivors?  What if time travel was real and you could go back and offer aid and comfort to the survivors of this horror?  Would you do it?

Would you do it over and over?

And what would it do to you if you did?

“Reparations” is not an easy story.  And again, like last week, I’m not even really recommending it for the plot.  It’s the experience of watching Laura do what. . . needs to be done.  What must be done, once it’s possible.  Addressing this incredible inhumanity in the only way one can: by going back and helping.

As a person of Jewish extraction, I’ve always found something of a balance between the Holocaust and usage of the atomic bomb.  World War II was not a humane war.  But in the context of this story, it’s finally made a human war.

Text of “Reparations”
Audio of “Reparations”

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