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What is this?

I’m here to recommend stories for you to enjoy.  At least, I hope.

I have been a bookseller at heart for more than half my life.  I started working in libraries and used book stores when I was fifteen, and moved on to a discount new book store at age twenty.  The next few years were a whirl of joy, as I realized just how addicted I was to connecting people with stories they’d love.  A slave to the buzz I get when someone loves a recommendation I make for a story, and asks for more.  I am trying to feed that need via this blog. 

Now, this isn’t completely selfish.  I’m a relatively successful recommender of stories, and I hope to be able to offer you some material you haven’t heard of, that you enjoy.  Of course, it’s possible we have different tastes, but you’ll find that out pretty quickly, if you try a few of my recommendations and we don’t click.

And so here I am, preparing to try to capture my spiel for some of my favorite books and stories, trying to convince you to read them.

What these posts are: An unabashed attempt to get you to read and like something I value.  Success for me is measured in your response; I want to hear that you tried the story I’m recommending.  I’d like even more if I then hear that you loved it, but if you don’t, tell me why.  The more information I have about people’s reactions to these selections, the better I can do for people in the future.

What these posts are not:  Objective.  I’m trying to convince you that something I like is good, and that you should read it.  And I may even tell you . . . how I feel.  I’ll be expressing my emotions about these stories, because to get a recommendation, a story has likely left a mark on me.

Please read these posts.  Please try and enjoy these stories.  If you do, please tell me what you thought, and if you thought the blog post honored the work, did a good job of leading you to it.  I’ve never “sold books” to a faceless person before, and it’s harder than I thought to do this without seeing your face.

Thanks, and I hope I can help you enjoy some amazing stories.


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